Social Perception 

We all have that one “I am” or “I was” story that has helped shape who we are. While some peoples stories are written on their faces and are easily read, many peoples stories are bottled away and are not as easily read or even guessed just by looking at the persons face.

While these stores help define us who we are as a person, in either a good or a bad way, many people may be shocked to find out what our story is. This is one reason why many people keep it hidden away only letting it show when we really comfortable with the around us.

While we are afraid of people finding out what our story is, we should really be embracing it, after all, if it wasn’t for our story we wouldn’t be who we are, we would someone else and while some people may see that as a good thing i ask you, would it?

I am producing a new series of images for a gallery exhibition in 2018 about social perception. I am looking for people to photograph who are not afraid of letting people know their hidden story through a single black and white portrait of just their face and the question asked to the viewer “What is the person story?” But with the answer hidden next to the portrait.

If you are interested and would like more information or would like to apply to be involved, please fill out the form below and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks Josh.

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